meal packages

All packages below start with a service fee of $300. Add to this the cost of fresh and specialty ingredients (staples, such as flour and spices, are included in my fee). My service fee also includes:

•Initial consultation to learn your preferences and dietary requirements

•Recipe-development and menu planning

•Same-day grocery shopping for the best and freshest ingredients (produce, meat, dairy, and specialty items)

•Travel to your home

•Cooking your meal (usually 4-6 hours depending on the menu)

•Packing, labeling, and storage of meals with detailed heating instructions

•A spotless kitchen and a refrigerator/freezer full of delicious meals.

5 x 4 Package

5 entrees, each with a side dish x 4 portions = 20 servings/meals
Great for a family of 4 for one week, a couple for two weeks, or an individual for a month

5 x 3 Package

5 entrees, each with a side dish x 3 portions = 15 servings/meals
Ideal for a family of three for one week or a couple who likes a bit leftover

5 x 2 Package

5 entrees, each with a side dish x 2 portions = 10 servings/meals
Perfect for individuals or couples; this package also makes a great one-time gift for new parents or someone recovering from an illness or injury.

4 x 4 Package

4 entrees, each with a side dish x 4 portions = 16 servings/meals
Great for a busy family that might eat out or have take-in a couple of nights a week, but that wants dependably tasty and healthy food most nights

3 x 4 Package

3 entrees, each with a side dish x 4 portions = 12 servings/meals
Similar to the preceding package, but fewer meals make it better suited for a couple or individual

Need a little more?

Have a large family? Expecting company? Or maybe you enjoy leftovers for lunch the next day? Additional portions of any meal are available for $10 for up to 12 portions.

Each entrée comes with one side dish. An additional side -- a vegetable, starch, or salad is available for $30 plus the cost of ingredients.

Order soup to take your meal to the next level or for a very satisfying lunch. Like everything else, all my soups are made from scratch (no bouillon cubes!). A quart of soup (about 4 portions) is $20 (plus the cost of ingredients).

You may select a dessert from my menu or I can prepare something to compliment your selected menu. Desserts contain 4-10 servings and are priced at $20 plus the cost of ingredients.


Container Fee: During our initial conversation, we’ll select the best storage containers for your needs. For continuing customers, I typically recommend square or rectangular Pyrex-style glass containers. These maximize refrigerator/freezer space, don’t need to thaw to go from freezer to oven, and are dishwasher safe. For this style of container, one-time fees average $150 to $200 and are yours to keep. For those trying out my service or one-time clients, I’ll use environmentally friendly semi-reusable/disposable containers. The one-time fee for this average $15-20.

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