Initial Consultation

All consultations start with a conversation about what you like to eat – and what you don’t. If you love seafood or greens, so that I’ll know this from the start. And, if you hate something, you can count on not seeing it. I’ll also learn about any special diets you follow and your dietary restrictions. So, if you’re trying to eat more whole grains, are on a particular diet, or want to avoid certain foods, I can help you do this and make doing so delicious.

On days I prepare meals for you, I’ll shop for the freshest ingredients and cook everything in the safety of your own kitchen using my equipment. I’ll leave everything spotless; you’ll barely know I was there, but your refrigerator/freezer will be filled with meals to enjoy. Each meal will include clear instructions for reheating.

A key aspect of my service is that it is tailor-made for you. I’ve listed my standard packages below but, after we discuss your needs, I am happy to customize a package for you. For example, you may want to enjoy your meals over a longer period of time – I can make appropriate dishes and pack them for freezing. Some weeks, you may want me to prepare larger amounts or special items to share with friends or neighbors – I’m happy to accommodate these requests and package your meals in the most convenient way. That’s what this service is all about!


All packages start with a service fee of $300. Add to this the cost of fresh and specialty ingredients (staples, such as flour and spices, are included in my fee). My service fee also includes:

•Initial consultation to learn your preferences and dietary requirements

•Recipe-development and menu planning

•Same-day grocery shopping for the best and freshest ingredients (produce, meat, dairy, and specialty items)

•Travel to your home

•Cooking your meal (usually 4-6 hours depending on the menu)

•Packing, labeling, and storage of meals with detailed heating instructions

•A spotless kitchen and a refrigerator/freezer full of delicious meals.

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