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The Cookbook Club is "Chic Bring-a-Dish" dinner party. Each month members will select a new cookbook and prepare a dish from the book and share it with the members. We eat, drink and discuss the book. During the dinner, we will discuss things like... what we liked or dislike about the book or recipe that was selected. What ingredients were hard to find. Whether the dish was difficult to prepare. Whether recipe really worked. During the dinner also we will select the next book. 


You can purchase the book at your local book store, amazon, or borrow it from the local library.


After you have purchased your book, members will be provided a link to sign up for your recipe. The dishes will be organized by categories (appetizer, main course, sides, etc).


Make sure you read the recipe a few days in advance, in case you suddenly find out you were supposed to soak almonds overnight, or something like that. Choose a recipe that you know will transport well (sorry, fried calamari). 


If you need to reheat something, quickly whip cream, or chop some garnishes, come over a few minutes early to prep; it’ll be way easier that way.

The club is open to anyone that loves to cook. You do not have to be a Chef.

You are not obligated to attend every month.


Thanks. Chef Starr

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Disclaimer: The Cookbook Club is in no way affiliated with The Tastery, LLC. It is a social club. The Tastery, LLC is in no way liable for any incidents that occur while participating in a Cookbook Club event. All "members" are participating at their own risk.